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By accepting the terms and conditions of this contract, I am acquiring a personal membership (non transferable) of the Pronaza life Program, a division of Proesa, for the amount of US$25.00 per month (twenty five US dollars) with which I am making the first recurrent monthly payment. This first payment has a 30 day money back guarantee.

This membership must be paid every month, in order to maintain its benefits.
Pronanza Life reserves the right to deny membership or renewal of such to any applicant.
In case a member of the Pronanza Life Program, pass away, far of his or her Country or Province, Pronanza Life Program will provide:

1) REPATRIATION SERVICES: move the remains to the country/city indicated by the affiliate in the application form.

2) FUNERAL SERVICE: The funeral service includes the following:

I) Hearse to transfer the remains from its location to the Viewing service chapel, and from the Viewing service chapel to the respective cemetery.

II) Viewing service chapels are available for a maximum of twenty-four hours.

III) High quality coffin with plinth for its placement, crucifix, and prayer stool.

IV) Legal paperwork according to the repatriation laws, Viewing service, and transfer to the cemetery.

3) PLOT IN THE CEMETERY: if the deceased does not have one, Pronanza Life Program will provide one.
While in life, affiliates can express their preference for the funeral home and cemetery in their area and at their convenience. However, Pronanza Life Program has the power to approve or reject the budget that is due to the members choice.

Likewise, it is in the power of Pronanza Life Program, to determine the viability of the funeral home and cemetery suggested by the member. In the event that repatriation is necessary, and at Pronanza Life Program, opinion this is viable and feasible, Pronanza Life Program will coordinate and decide which organization to hire in order to implement the repatriation event. The member, in turn, expressly accepts and respects the decisions taken by Pronanza Life Program in terms of costs, coordination and feasibility of the proposed service.
If the member already has a memorial service and/or a space in a cemetery and if his/her will or the will of his/her representatives is that such service and property be used to cover his/her funeral needs, Pronanza Life Program shall reinstate 100% of the price at which these goods were acquired at the time of purchase, to the appointed family or to whom has the legal right of ownership. The price thereof shall be determined with the submission of the corresponding invoice and title deed. In the case of a property for more than one person in a cemetery, the refund shall cover only the proportional part. However, Pronanza Life Program has the power to approve or reject the budget that is due to the members choice.

On the one hand, Pronanza Life Program expressly states, and on the other, the member accepts, that it will be until the moment of the funeral need that the payment and contracting will take place as to the various providers of the funeral and repatriation services.Pronanza Life Program., based on the most demanding international market, will select the best providers of funeral services in the global market. However, each funeral home, cemetery and supplier is responsible for their own performance, exonerating Pronanza Life Program.
REQUIREMENTS TO BE ABLE TO USE THE REPATRIATION SERVICE, FUNERAL SERVICE, and PLOT IN THE CEMETERY: To be current with payments and coordinate all services through our call center (we do not use reimbursements). Nevertheless, Pronanza Life Program might require family affiliates or authorized guardians to provide additional identification of the deceased, if applicable.
Family members or authorized guardians must comply with Pronanza Life Program established rules. All services will be coordinated by Pronanza Life Program. Services are immediate for accidental death. For any other reason (common illness, preexisting conditions, etc.) services are available after 6 months of acquiring membership.
CONFIDENTIALITY: I recognize and accept that, by accepting this contract, I will have access to confidential information owned by Pronanza Life Program regarding its methods and systems, as well as service mechanisms, support, and other details. I recognize and accept that the malicious disclosure or disclosure with imitation purposes, prejudice or discredit of this confidential information, or its use in third party benefit, will generate irreparable damage to Pronanza Life therefore to secure this information, I undertake and agree not to share verbally or in writing, directly or indirectly, and not to use personal information of any kind received from Pronanza Life only to successfully achieve the objectives and realize activities that this contract refers to, in any negative or malicious way.
EXCEPTIONS: Pronanza Life Program will cover each and every one of the obligations afore mention, with exception of the following: epidemic, earthquake, seaquake, tremor, volcanic eruption, cyclone, hurricane, tempest, winds, floods, rise and overflow of waters, silting, land sinking or sliding, collapse, and land or rock detachment. Also Pronanza Life Program will not be liable for losses caused directly or indirectly by war, invasion, acts by foreign enemies, hostility and military operations (existing or not war declaration) civil war insubordination, mutiny, military or popular uprising, insurrection, rebellion, power usurpation, martial law, siege or damages/losses resulting from or being consequence of such acts. Pronanza Life Program will be exempt from any responsibility.

REGARDING UNFAIR COMPETITION: During the term of this contract and after its termination, I abstain, agree, and expressly disclaim, together with any other person or entity that I have a relation with, being this directly or indirectly, to the purchase, fabrication, distribution, imitation, and/or reproduction of the products and services through any entity personal or legal, national or international, different of Pronanza Life Program.This prohibition includes and applies inside and outside my Country of Residence.

RIGHTS RESERVED: Pronanza Life Program, reserves all the rights to the brands Pronanza Program Life., as well as marketing phrases, design, commercial names and advertising signs, and/or brochures. The member expressly agrees that the conclusion of this contract does not give him/her the right to use brands or designs property of Pronanza Life Program in any condition that differs from the ones expressed in this document. Improper use of Pronanza Life Program brands is strictly prohibited. Default or breach of this rule will result in immediate dissolution of this contract without prejudice to the penalties and sanctions contemplated. I recognize that the brands owned by Pronanza Life Program and their designs are exclusive. The attempt to acquire and/or obtain brands as well as commercial names that according to Pronanza Life Program are similar to current or future brands, in or out national territory, during the term of this contract, or at any time after it expires is prohibited. Pronanza Life Program reserves the right to terminate any contract for failure to meet the requirements agreed upon, without providing indemnity, compensation or trade-offs of any kind.
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